Moving Cards: 3 Tips To Prepare Them?

When you move, the most time-consuming step is to make your moving boxes. A task that requires some specific techniques not to damage his business and gain speed. Here are 3 tips to prepare your cards and pack them like a pro.

1 / Estimate The Number Of Cartons To Be Packaged

The very first thing to do is to count the number of cases to be moved. Whether your books, your dishes, clothes, and other decorative items, making an accurate estimate will allow you to predict your cardboard needs more accurately. One good way to find out how many cartons you will need is to speak to the moving company you will be using or the van with a man driver you will be hiring. As they move people homes for a living so they will give you a good estimate.

Here are some indications to estimate the number of boxes:

Studio / T1: it takes between 5 and ten standard boxes and 2 to 4 boxes.

T2 / T3: it takes between 20 and 35 standard boxes and 5 to 15 boxes.

T3 / T4: it takes between 30 and 50 standard cartons and 10 to 20 cartons pounds.

These estimates are obviously to be adjusted according to the number of cases you have accumulated over the years at home. We advise you to pack your cartons little by little than to adjust the number of cartons as and when storage.

2 / Where To Find Moving Boxes?

Once the estimate of the number of boxes made, you will have to find your cartons. For this, several solutions exist. If you do not have a budget and a little patience, you can go to the shops located near you to get free boxes. Tip: go as early as possible, deliveries are usually very early in the morning. Nevertheless, cardboard wear, low resistance, and size are not always adapted to your needs.The second solution, buy new moving boxes. If you want to buy cheap moving boxes, you can find some on Deveres Removals Swindon

at a fair price. You have the choice between several moving packs that include all the necessary moving materials such as standard cartons, cardboard boxes, archive boxes, bubble wrap or adhesive rolls.

3 / Pack The Cartons Correctly

Carton packaging is the most crucial step in a move. The packaging requires special techniques and good organization. First, we advise you to pack the things you do not use. Start with the garage, cellar or attic for the first boxes. Items or ideas you use every day must be packed at the last minute.

Once the items are chosen in the right order, you must pack your cards correctly to avoid damaging your belongings during the move. The technique for packing your boxes is to fold the small leaves first. Then fold the big shutters once you’ve done this step, tape the cartons along the seam to keep your stuff from going through. Then, tape your cardboard twice in width starting with the ends.

Some Important Tips:

Do not overload your cartons; you may lose the contents and hurt your back when you wear them.

Write down on each carton the cases inside and the room in which they are to be stored.

Pay particular attention to cartons that have fragile contents such as dishes.

If you are looking for help to carry your furniture and cardboard on the day of the move, there are solutions. On Deveres Removals Swindon, you can find many movers ready to help you with this task at a very affordable price.