Today we go to meet Gregoire, a young student registered as a mover on Deveres Removals Swindon for one year! This big passionate arm of sports rounds its ends of the month thanks to the collaborative move.

Hello Gregoire,  How Did You Know Deveres Removals Swindon?

Like many students, I was looking for one-off missions to make ends meet. It was through a brief search on the internet that I came across the collaborative move platform Deveres Removals Swindon.

Accustomed to moves for two years, I quickly registered on the site to join the community of movers and offer my help on the Lille agglomeration.

What Do You Like About The Collaborative Move?

The collaborative move offers a more user-friendly and economical solution for individuals who have a small budget. This service is exciting since you can help people to move in exchange for a small fee. On Deveres Removals Swindon, you can consult the removal announcements close to your sector and set a price adapted to the needs of individuals. The different moves that I made allowed me to meet new people.

What Is Your Best Memory During A Move?

I wish above all that individuals can move with confidence. I, therefore, make sure that each move takes place in the best conditions. One day to thank us, a client decided to share with his big arms of the day a pleasant moment around a barbecue. I still want to thank him because we had a great day.

What advice would you give to a student who starts as a mover on Deveres Removals Swindon? 

Remember to complete your mover profile when you register on the site. Feel free to add a photo and to be original in your description to increase your chances of being selected! To have good advice and stand out from the competition, be sure to apply care and caution on each move. Confidence and demand will be the key to your success!